Sales Engineer Wanted

I am very pleased you have clicked your way here. The Sales Engineer position I now have open can lead to a handsome income and advancement within my company – for the right person. You must have at least 5 years of proven domestic and global industrial sales engineering experience preferably in a material science related discipline. We manufacture Castertips […]

Custom is Standard at ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.

For nearly one full Man-Century, ZIRCAR Ceramics has been manufacturing Ceramic Fiber based materials that have helped enable the advancement of some of the finest technologies on the planet - including but not limited to advances in specialty glasses, light metals, powder metals, semiconductor crystals and many more. Significant advances have been facilitated by the extensive range of standard high [...]

ZIRCAR Ceramics Manufactures Its Largest Fiber Insulated Heaters Ever.

Manufacturing Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters (FIH) is not Rocket Science but it does require appropriate capital equipment, design engineering, tool fabrication and manufacturing resources. Large FIHs can require several hours of preparation wherein helically wound coils of resistance wire are precisely positioned on the mold (as shown above) prior to vacuum forming. The largest FIHs ZIRCAR Ceramics has made are [...]

RNKO-HD High-Strength Alumina-Silica Board

General Information ZIRCAR Ceramics’ RNKO-HD Alumina-Silica board is a uniquely strong, low-density combination of 1260oC rated Al2O3-SiO2 (RCF) fibers and a stabilized inorganic amorphous SiO2 binder. RNKO-HD is 100% organic free. At 0.85 g/cc (53 pcf) density, RNKO-HD has been developed for applications where a combination of low thermal conductivity and the abilty to withstand high compressive loads at high [...]

To Fray Or Not to Fray?

The answer is Alumina Rigidizer Type AL-R/H. Alumina Textile Type AS-7M is an incredible material. It retains 100% of its tensile strength when exposed to temperatures as high as 1200C. Type 0909-P is commonly used as a reinforcement in advanced refractory structures including CMCs. Because AS-7M is manufactured with only a minute amount of organic sizing added in the yarn […]

All wrapped up in your foil business – New Ad.

ZIRCAR Ceramics has been manufacturing castertips and other ceramic fiber based products for use in continuous aluminum sheet casting for many years. Today, our customers find significant value in our casthouse consumables including: Castertips, Troughs, Rigid and flexible launders, Tundishes, Colloidal Graphite Release agent, Boron Nitride non-wetting coating, Tabular Alumina balls and gravel and CNC refractory hardboard products. Helping you […]

Custom Formed Alumina Silica Type AXL.

In many applications to 1200C, ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Silica Type AXL is a self-supporting high temperature thermal insulation capable of spanning fairly large distances. The 1.5” thick half-Octagon sheets are used in a large crystal growing process. Complete information about AXL can be found on our website using this link.

ECO-27 End Dams for Twin Roll Casters

End dams used on Continuous Aluminum Sheet Casters ( Twin Roll Casters) are manufactured from a wide variety of materials. Which type of end dam is used depends upon certain operating requirements. For soft alloys cast in 0.25″ thickness ZIRCAR Ceramics’ ECO-27 is a cost effective material to use. CNC machined then hardened, ECO-27 helps many customers make better metal.

ZIRCAR Ceramics offers Flexible Alumina Textile Type AS-7M launders for Molten Aluminum Applications

ZIRCAR Ceramics is now offering custom fabricated flexible launders for use on Molten Aluminum transfer applications. Constructed of Alumina Textile Type AS-7M cloth as the metal contact surface with a filler of low density blanket insulation backed by a high strength fiberglass outer cladding, ZIRCAR Ceramics’s Flexible Launders can be coated with Boron Nitride or other refractory coatings and can […]

ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Stacked Blanket Kiln Lids

ZIRCAR Ceramics owns and operates nearly 2 dozen kilns. Several are small top loading kilns that are fired to 1300C. By replacing the original IFB lined lids with a stacked blanket (ZIRCAR’s Alumina Type NMB) we have extended the life of the lid significantly, made the kiln more energy efficient and with the simple lift system, made it much easier […]

Maximum PIW!

Check out this new advertisement we created to be featured in Light Metal Age magazine. Hope our aluminum customers like it as much as we do!     Maximum PIW David Hamling Vice President

3D Printing at ZIRCAR Ceramics!

Check this out. For the very first time we have made a mold via 3D printing. Some additional development is needed but I am amazed at how much fun it was printing this mold – while everyone was asleep. More to be printed soon.

ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Furnace Insulation Modules Type FIM

Our “FIM” Furnace Insulation Modules are pre-assembled engineered packages of a multi-layer ZIRCAR Ceramics Insulation system. These two FIMs have a board lining that consists of our alumina SALI as hot face, ZAL-15 as the intermediate layer and ECO-1200B as the backup layer. FRA -600 is the outer hardboard layer. The insulation system and the painted mild steel frame are [...]

WOW, you can really hang your hat on our new Alumina Adhesive AL-CEM/DB1!

Our new AL-CEM/DB-1 is one strong Al2O3 adhesive.  After receiving so many customer requests for a high temperature Al2O3 cement that would “bite” to many different materials, ZIRCAR Ceramics has responded and is now offering its new Alumina Adhesive Type AL-CEM/DB-1. DB-1, as we refer to it, is an easy to use, air-setting adhesive that cures to very high strengths. [...]

We are having a blast at ThermProcess!

ZIRCAR Ceramics Now Designs With Inventor!

So many of our customers would send us 3D files, such as Solid Works, when submitting request for quotations. For years we would ask them if they would either convert them to a AutoCad 2000i or dimensioned PDFs. We have recently upgraded our design/drafting software to AutoDesk Inventor and now welcome your 3D files. Click the photo or link below […]

ZIRCAR Ceramics Introduces Alumina Type ZAL-12

New product development has always been at the heart of our company. My father, Bernie Hamling would spend hours and hours in the lab coming up with what we call “cures looking for a disease” He would then direct us to “go find someone who can use this product”. We would try. Many times, we found success. Many times – […]

ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Thermal Processing Storefront

Hello everyone. This is my very first entry into ZIRCAR’s blog. Please bear with me. I just wanted to share our listing that appears on the Thermal Processing Storefront. Here is a brief look at what you can read when you hit the link below. See the whole page here!  Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading! David Hamling Vice […]