I am very pleased you have clicked your way here. The Sales Engineer position I now have open can lead to a handsome income and advancement within my company – for the right person.

You must have at least 5 years of proven domestic and global industrial sales engineering experience preferably in a material science related discipline.

We manufacture Castertips , Nozzles, Launders, Tundishes and other ceramic fiber based consumables and bring high quality Boron Nitride and Colloidal Graphite coating products to the Aluminum Sheet Casting market as well. Our customers operate plants in North and South America, Europe, Turkey, Asia, India and the middle east and you will visit them regularly enough to develop solid working relationships with them. The right person will be successful in expanding our business with existing customers and will also win business with new customers via direct selling as well as the development of a useful network of Manufacturer’ Representatives.

Please take a look at the Sales Engineer Job Description. If interested, send us your resume or send an email to sales@zircarceramics.com.


David Hamling / Owner