Our courteous sales staff is eager to help. You can order from us in a number of ways, including:

In Person

You can deliver your order in person. We have available detailed directions showing how to get here, in the event you would like to visit us. Please contact us to make an appointment first.


Feel free to give us a call. Orders may be called in to our Order Entry Department at (845)-651-6600 x10. Any one of us would be pleased to help you.

US Mail

If you prefer traditional paper mail, send your purchase orders to us at:

ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.
PO Box 519
Florida, NY 10921-0519  USA


We are also set up to accept your orders by e-mail. Send them to us at:



You can fax your purchase orders to us at:



Orders for standard items may be placed over the internet using the shopping cart feature built into our site.

Order Requirements

When ordering, please provide the following information to allow us to process your order. Note that we require a hard copy of your purchase order for all orders totaling more than $5,000.00.

  • CONTACT NAME:  Your name or other person who should be contacted regarding your order.
  • CONTACT NUMBERS:  Information we need to reach the contact person including phone, fax numbers and e-mail address.
  • CONTACT METHOD:  The method you would like us to use to contact you regarding your order.
  • PURCHASE ORDER #:  A unique purchase order number. If one is not provided we will assign one for you.
  • BILL TO:  The company name, mailing address and name of the person or department responsible for payment.
  • SHIP TO:  The company name, street address and name of the person or department responsible for receiving the goods.
  • GOODS DESCRIPTION:  The quantity, item number and description of all the items you wish to purchase. If you want to order a previously quoted custom item, supply the appropriate quotation number. In the case of custom goods described by your specification(s) supply 3 copies of all applicable drawings and technical specifications at the time of ordering.
  • PRICE:  The unit price of each item.
  • DELIVERY:  The date (or dates) on which you would like the items shipped and/or delivered. If in the event that only part of your order can be filled due to inventory levels, please indicate if you would like partial shipments and define your immediate needs. See our page on commercial charges for delineation of the costs associated with expedited shipments or contact us for more information.
  • SHIPPING METHOD:  Indication of your desired shipping method. Some items are limited with regard to possible shipping methods. We normally utilize some preferred carriers, but will endeavor to accommodate specific requests. If you request us to ship collect, please provide your account number for the specified carrier.
  • PAYMENT METHOD:  Indication of the desired payment method. A listing of our accepted payment methods are available online or are available on request.
  • CONFIRMATION:  Indicate if you need a hard copy confirming order sent to the contact person.
  • ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Please include with your purchase order any additional requirements including but not limited to Certificates of Compliance (C of C), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), US Certificates of Origin, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, etc….See our page on commercial charges for delineation of the costs associated with with these items or contact us for more information.

ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. reserves the right to accept or decline all orders placed. Orders are accepted subject to our Terms and Conditions. Receipt of an order does not constitute acceptance. Purchase order information will be reviewed for acceptance prior to processing. Customers will be notified immediately of the outcome of the Company’s determination.

Normally orders are accepted at the time of placement. In the event an order is not accepted we will supply a detailed explanation of the reason(s). If a hard copy confirming order is requested it will be supplied to the contact person using the method requested.

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