Zircar Alumninum Sheet Casting

Aluminum Sheet Casting

Helping Aluminum Sheet Casters make better metal is what our Cast House Consumables are all about. Casting tips and nozzles for long campaigns on twin roll, belt, block and continuous casters. Low mass troughs and tundishes keep molten metal temps high and save money. Protective, chemically inert coatings of BN and Alumina help maintain alloy purities.

Zircar Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters

Process Heaters To 1300C

Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters are integral parts of advanced OEM and End user heating systems. These engineered combinations of thermal insulation and heating elements respond quickly with low heat loss making them ideal for process heating and sintering to 1300C. Cost-effective for use in analytic instruments such as TGA, VOC, GC sample prep and many more!

Zircar High Temperature Thermal Insulation

High Temperature Thermal Insulation

ZIRCAR Ceramics’ thermal insulation materials help to enable and sustain some of the most important high temperature technologies on earth and in space. Insulation exhibiting low thermal conductivity, light weight with exceptional microwave transparency make them useful in so many applications such as furnaces, testing equipment, guidance systems and deep space power cells.

Zircar Advanced and Specialty Materials

Advanced and Specialty Materials

From thin film to thick architectural glass, through oxide crystals in your television remote and PTC thermistors in your automobiles, ZIRCAR Ceramics’ materials play very important roles in thousands of advanced and specialty materials manufacturing applications. Our products also fill the high temperature needs of numerous alternative energy and national nuclear related applications.