• ECO-27 End Dams for Twin Roll Casters

    End dams used on Continuous Aluminum Sheet Casters ( Twin Roll Casters) are manufactured from a wide variety of materials. Which type of end dam is used depends upon certain operating requirements. For soft alloys cast in 0.25″ thickness ZIRCAR Ceramics’ ECO-27 is a cost effective material to use. CNC machined then hardened, ECO-27 helps […]

  • ZIRCAR Ceramics offers Flexible Alumina Textile Type AS-7M launders for Molten Aluminum Applications

    ZIRCAR Ceramics is now offering custom fabricated flexible launders for use on Molten Aluminum transfer applications. Constructed of Alumina Textile Type AS-7M cloth as the metal contact surface with a filler of low density blanket insulation backed by a high strength fiberglass outer cladding, ZIRCAR Ceramics’s Flexible Launders can be coated with Boron Nitride or […]

  • 3D Printing at ZIRCAR Ceramics!

    Check this out. For the very first time we have made a mold via 3D printing. Some additional development is needed but I am amazed at how much fun it was printing this mold – while everyone was asleep. More to be printed soon.