Alumina Type PATI

Alumina Type PATI

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PATI is a uniquely reinforced premium grade insulation for use in advanced thermal systems operating to a maximum use temperature of 1720°C (3128°F).

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ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Type PATI is a unique combination of polycrystalline alumina fiber and continuous- filament reinforcing fiber tightly bonded into a mullite matrix.
PATI, an extension of ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Type SALI is a high-strength, low-density, rigid refractory structure that brings a new level of utility to the most demanding of high-temperature applications. It is known that all rigid ceramic fiber products will crack under extreme thermal shock conditions. PATI’s reinforcing fibers work to hold it in its originally installed configuration even after numerous stressful thermal cycles. PATI is pre-fired, contains no organics and is being successfully applied in advanced thermal systems operating to a temperature of 1720°C (3128°F). Its fine open-pore structure enables PATI to be cut to precision tolerances. PATI shows excellent resistance to chemical attack and is not affected by oil or water. It is however affected by hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acids and strong alkalis.

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