Alumina Type ALC

Alumina Type ALC

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ALC is a uniformly bound low density cylindrical shaped insulation with very useful properties in industrial applications with continuous operating temperatures to 1550°C (2822°F).

Technical Data Sheet

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ZIRCAR Ceramics’ Alumina Type ALC is an engineered low- density, rigid refractory structure composed of high-alpha polycrystalline alumina fibers and high-purity inorganic binders. Manufactured in cylindrical form, ALC’s uniformly bound, fine, open-pore structure makes it an excellent thermal insulator with precision machinability. ALC exhibits very good hot strength and dimensional stability in industrial applications with continuous operating temperatures to 1550°C (2822°F) and withstands intermittent use to 1650°C (3002°F). High-purity silica is the binder in ALC-which makes it one of the strongest low-density fiber bodies manufactured today. ALC exhibits high electrical resistivity at elevated temperatures and is also transparent in microwave and RF energy fields. ALC is pure white and exhibits high reflectance.
ALC is pre-fired contains no organic binders and will produce no smoke or odors when heated. ALC shows excellent resistance to chemical attack and is not affected by oil or water. It is, however, affected by hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalis.


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