High Temperature Fibrous Ceramic Materials

 and related refractory, heating and insulating products by ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.

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Our broad product range includes Alumina, Alumina-Silica and other refractory oxide fiber materials, heating elements, plus furnace insulation custom assemblies and accessories. We offer only the highest quality products in a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes. Besides our standard product line, we custom manufacture many one of a kind products to satisfy customers’ unique needs including furnace insulation, heating components and high temperature systems.

Our products are used in ceramics and metal sintering and heat treating, crystal growth, non-ferrous metal analytical and thermal process equipment, fuel cell, high temperature furnaces and thermal process systems manufacture. Most refractory materials are useful as high temperature thermal and electrical insulation, in chemical and physical isolation plus heating applications to temperatures of 1850 ° C (3362 ° F).

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From the most flexible ceramic material applications to the toughest rigid application, whether it's a simple shape or complex assembly or caster tip, in most cases our materials can be custom formed or be machined to tight tolerances to suit virtually anyone's needs. As a "Successor in Interest" to ZIRCAR Products, Inc., we have the know-how to make it right. Our staff is at your service and the quality of our products and service is outstanding. Try us and join the ever-growing family of satisfied customers we have been pleased to serve.


High Temperature Alumina and Alumina-Silica Fibers Alumina and Alumina_Silica Insulating Paper, Mat, Blanket & Textiles Alumina and Alumina-Silica Insulating Boards, Cylinders & Shapes Alumina Bubble & Castable Refractory
Bulk Fibers Flexible Materials Rigid Materials Particulates
Alumina and Alumina-Silica Moldable High Temperature Insulation Alumina, Alumina-Silica and Silica High Temperature Cement & Rigidizer Low Thermal Conductivity Silica Insulation Soluble NON-RCF Silica-Magnesia Fiber High Temperaure Insulation
Moldable Products Cements & Rigidizers Microporus Insulation Non-RCF Boards
Castertips for Continuous Aluminum Strip Production Custom Machined High Temperature Insulation Parts High Temperature Insulation Assemblies High Temperature Furnace Components
Castertips Custom Parts Insulation Assemblies Furnace Components
High Temperature Furnace Insulation Modules High Temperature Furnace Construction Accessories High Temperature Heating Elements to 1800C High Purity Alumina Rods, Tubes, Crucibles and Shapes
Furnace Modules Furnace Accessories Heating Elements Alumina Furnaceware
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Insualtion With Heating Elements For 1100C

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Alumina-Silica Insulation

Castertips for Continuous Aluminum Strip Production

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