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ZIRCAR Ceramics Alumina Insulation products are truly the finest in the world. Made of high purity raw materials these materials bring significant utility to the high temperature applications they serve. A few features include:
  • Dimensional stability and superior hot strength to temperatures as high as 1825C.
  • Fine tightly bonded structures facilitate precision machining to tight tolerances.
  • Prefired, free of organics, NON RCF compositions.

10 alumina-silica products with different densities, compositions temperature ratings and unique properties/solutions for nearly every insulation application. These products offer:
  • High strength and stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High dielectric strength

ZIRCAR Ceramics' NON RCF Soluble Fiber Insulations are high quality insulation products made of soluble fiber that meets all European Community requirements for NON RCF fiber products. These fibers exhibit:
  • High dissolution in body fluids
  • Good high temperature stability to 1260C
  • Excellent strength

MICROSIL Microporous insulation is an incredible insulator, useful to 950C. Combining ultra-fine silica powders, refractory oxides and reinforcing fibers it has 1/2 the thermal conductivity of still air.

NEW ZIRPORCOAT Coating improves handleability and reduces particulate generation.


Multiple grades of ZIRCAR Castertips are offered for casting of non-ferous metal strip. The original "soft tip, Type ASQ, has been used on SCAL casters to produce pin hole-free aluminum better part of a quarter century. More recently, medium and hard tip varieties have been added for use on most makes of caster, including twin roll, block and belt casters.

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