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ZIRCAR Ceramics offers one of the most versatile lines of high temperature thermal & electrical insulation, high performance heating elements and furnace building accessories available anywhere in the world.

Standard boards and cylinders in high purity alumina, alumina-silica, microporous silica as well as NON RCF compositions. Almost 80% of what we produce is custom. Products with fine pore structures and CNC milling machines result in very tight tolerances. High quality insulation assemblies make furnace building, conversion or relining a breeze. Papers, Blankets, Textiles, Mats in alumina or alumina-silica compositions. Sheets, complete rolls or die cut parts.
Precision crafted castertips for use on all types of aluminum twin roll, belt and block, continuous strip casters. Pre-assembled furnace insulation packages and heating elements installed in a rugged shell. Filling holes, seams and setting anchors is easy with moldable products. Made of soluble fibers these boards meet EU standards and give users a wider choice in high temperatures materials.
Engineered and a quality built insulation components for use by semiconductor producers, dental technicians, quality assurance and research scientists. Alumina & alumina-silica cements and rigidizers help complete any insulation application. ZIRPOR Microporous Insulation is an incredible insulator for temperatures to 1050C. MOSI2 and resistance wire heating elements for element temperatures from 300C to 1900C.
Several varieties of high purity high temperature bulk fibers. High alumina particulates for filling cavities or as a refractory additive. Heating element holders, connecting straps, thermocouples, hearth plates and more. High purity dense alumina crucibles, tubes and rods.