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Fiber Insulated Heater Type FIH combines a heat source with superior high temperature insulation - an ideal solution for many industrial heating applications. These heaters deliver fast,  efficient and reliable uniform heat to temperatures of 1100C (2012F).  Designed to deliver power densities up to 1500 watts/ft2, FIH is one of the most versatile embedded element radiant heaters produced. OEM furnace and thermal process equipment manufacturers plus end users alike have embraced this combination heating and insulating system.

ZIRCAR Flat Panel, Full Cylinder and Semi-Cylinder Fiber Insulated  Heaters Type FIH consist of high quality helically-wound Fe-Cr-Al alloy resistance wire elements embedded in a rigid body of vacuum formed high temperature refractory fiber.  The lightweight ceramic fiber insulation has  very low thermal mass and thermal conductivity and thus can handle extremely rapid cycling. Elements are typically mounted flush with the heated surface.  The diameter of the helically wound element coil is kept to  a minimum, reducing the difference between the element and chamber temperature, thus ensuring long heater life, and enabling the design and manufacture of extremely responsive heating systems. 

All ZIRCAR Fiber Insulated Heaters are 100% organic free and will not smoke or  outgas when heated.  ZIRCAR Fiber Insulated Heaters are available in flat panel, full cylinder and semi-cylinder shapes - with several lead styles.


Thermal Response

Power (watts) plus Hot & Cold Face Temperatures (C) vs. Time for a test furnace composed of a custom cylindrical heater (6in. ID x 10in. OD x 6in. L, 1200W, 120V)  with 2in. thick Alumina Silica Insulation Type AXL discs on each end.


Electrical Change

The electrical characteristics of these heaters change with temperature due to a shift in resistivity of the alloy used in the heating coil. At 1100C there is a ~3.8% increase in resistance and decrease in current and power.

Safe Operation Zone

Fiber Insulated Heaters Type FIH are designed to operate at power densities up to 1500 watts/ft2 at 1100C. They may, however operate at significantly higher power densities at lower temperatures and still provide long life.



Heating source and primary thermal insulation in furnaces and industrial process equipment operating to 1100C (2012F).

High temperature hot plate heating element.

Heating source for molten metal launders, troughs and distribution boxes.






SHIP WT. (lb.)



FIH-C, 1in. x 3in. x 6in., 200w, 60V




FIH-C, 3in. x 6in. x 12in., 1200w, 120V




FIH-C, 8in. x 12in. x 12in., 3100w, 240V


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Standard heaters are available for immediate shipment from stock. Standard tolerance as shown for Alumina-Silica Insulation Type AXL is generally applied to the insulation and +/-5% to the element resistance. Type "A" uninsulated double twisted lead wires, 9in. long are supplied as standard and positioned as indicated.

Flat Panel



N & T = 2in. M = 2in., T = 1in. M = 2in.

FIH Fiber Insulated Heaters are also available on a custom basis. Typically manufactured to customer specification, ZIRCAR can design and construct units to satisfy a range of heating needs. 

The following figures show a range of heater styles and lead locations.  


FIH Flat Panel Leads

Semicylinder FIH

FIH Cylinders 1

FIH Cylinders 2

Flat panel heaters are typically produced up to 36in. wide x 48in. long x  6in. thick. Custom heaters and shapes smaller than a few cubic inches and larger than several cubic feet have been produced.

Cylindrical heaters typically produced have 1in. to 24in.ID, 1in. to 4in. wall thickness and are up to 12in. long. Custom cylindrical units and shapes smaller than a few cubic inches, larger than several cubic feet, weighing up to 100 pounds, with ID’s of 1/2in. to 36in., wall thickness of 1/2in.’ to 6in. and lengths to 48in. can be produced.

Staved cylinder heaters typically produced have 24in. to 84in.ID, 1in. to 5in. wall thickness and segments up to 24in. long. Shapes smaller than a few cubic inches, larger than several cubic feet,  with ID’s of 1in. and up, wall thickness of 1/2in. to 6in. and lengths to 48in. can be produced.

Custom heaters and preparations are available on request. Our forming processes, large inventory of custom tooling and state of the art machining techniques allow a wide variety of sizes and shapes to be made. Special geometries such as disks, rings, custom bore (round corner square, hexagonal, oval, etc.) cylinders, staved cylinders, troughs, channel, angle, custom-machined shapes and others can be fabricated. Custom machining, compositional variations and the application of surface rigidizers and hardening agents are available.

Please contact us with your special requirements. We are pleased to contact you if you would like more information or want to discuss custom product availability and pricing. Our Fiber Insulated Heater Questionnaire is an excellent tool to use to convey the requirements of a custom FIH Heater.


To Order

Standard FIH: order online or specify quantity, item # and description.

Custom FIH: specify quantity and description (by supplying drawings, sketches, written descriptions, Fiber Insulate Heater Questionaire or material specifications).


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